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About Us

Branch & Bloom - Floral Boutique. Mission Statement: It is our firm belief that when we pay attention, we will always be astonished! Our awareness of your vision is our priority. Our goal is to pay attention to your every little detail to assure your experience is everything you imagined - or something better!

 We first met in an empty parking lot on the Pease Tradeport in Portsmouth, NH. We were meeting a mutual friend and running buddy after work for a social 6-mile run on the windy back roads near the airstrip. It was our passion for running and our dedication to marathon training that turned our innocent friendship into a dream partnership. Well, and it was our energy, together we have great energy!

I (Rebecca) grew up in a small NH town on Lake Winnipesaukee where I had my humble beginnings as an apprentice in a flower shop after school washing buckets and making floral deliveries. Twenty years and hundreds of weddings later, my devotion to the floral industry has led me to become one of only four AIFD certified Master Floral Designers in the state of NH. See what that means at aifd.org. Last fall saw me finishing my Masters in European floral Design (emc) in Belgium. 

Vincent is from Labrador City, Newfoundland where he found the allure of the great outdoors a source of inspiration before beginning his journey toward higher education. After achieving his PhD in Occupational Health, Vincent's mission for over 15 years has been to advance simplicity in healthcare, building compassionate and effective partnerships.

Ours is an unlikely happenstance we do not take for granted. Mastermind, problem solver, epidemiologist meets mess maker, master florist. Together Vincent and Rebecca developed Studio Vincca! Not too long afterwards, after completing her masters in European Design, the allure of the lake drew us to Wolfeboro to branch into a new adventure - Branch & Bloom. Rebecca continues to develop a strong wedding and events business, adding a strong branded retail to the area and is working on building a clientele for interior installations heavily influenced by the region.  

Rebecca - According to Vincent


When I first met Rebecca, I was entirely awestruck by this powerhouse who had already completed multiple marathons. I was humbled that she would take me on as a training partner. I always felt that she was being generous by letting me take the lead and encouraging me to run fast. One day she drove hours from her place to join me on a 20 mile training run which we completed in a monumental downpour, smiling all the way.

Rebecca is also a passionate teacher, encouraging her students to learn at their pace and never doubting that they can grasp what she has to teach them, from baking bread to understanding the color wheel. She has taught me that it is important to know the rules, because it is by knowing the rules that you can successfully break them. Rebecca likes to think of herself as a spaz, but grace comes to mind when I see her move about, accomplishing multiple tasks at once. Her claim to fame is knocking over delicate glassware in her studio then with lightning speed catching the item before it smashes to the floor. Never shying away from a task, Rebecca has demonstrated radical honesty, a passion for spiritual discovery and a willingness to work hard to make things run smoothly.

When Rebecca says she will try, usually she does what she sets out to do. When things don't go as planned, she is quick to remember a little saying we have, "This, or something better".

Vincent - According to Rebecca

Vincent is known by many as the King of Hearts. His compassion is enormous and his awareness earnest. He is serious about taking care of business and his mind looks at all of life’s challenges as a puzzle which he eagerly and effectively has a mastermind for solving. Vincent has taught me to treat myself with loving patience, forgiveness and acceptance as I journey into learning the depths of my soul.Together have the kind of energy that consumes a room with hope.

Vincent likes simplicity. Together we eat our meals from one plate. We drink from one mug. Vincent likes balance. We run together. Play together. Work together. Meditate together. It is a good life we live together. I can be the spaz. He is the smarty-pants. Vincent likes fancy cheese and fancy shirts. He wears Fluevog shoes and cuff links, but I have to comb his hair before he goes out looking like a cross between Einstein and Beethoven. Vincent likes nature and takes me on secret missions to watch the moon rise from the top of a tower or deep into the woods to hear the songs of praise from the first Spring peepers.

He provides for me the perfect balance between taking myself too seriously and not taking myself seriously enough. I once told someone when I first met Vincent, “Somehow I just like myself more when I am with him.” Together, we are Vincca!